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Your Fall Feasts 2021 Invitation

Published September 8, 2021 by

You’re invited! For this month 7 we have re-mastered the Daniel seminar to HD standards for your viewing enjoyment, for a new viewing experience. Here is the schedule of these […]

Tsiyon Edition Targum Isaiah

Published July 9, 2016 by

A Divine Messiah? ..A Jewish Idea? – Tzvi Nassi, son of an Orthodox Jewish Rabbi, made an astounding discovery in Targum Isaiah, an ancient Jewish text authored around 30 BCE, […]

Tsiyon Passover 2016

Published April 22, 2016 by

For so many of the remnant they have not had fellowship during Passover. That is kind of a lonely thing because Passover, especially the Lord’s supper, it is meant to […]

The Tetrad Blood Moons Fulfilled

Published April 6, 2016 by

Talk of the Tetrad Moons and the Shmita Year raised anticipation before 2015 even got here. Was 2015 really as important as all that? Yes it was! Especially for the […]