Tsiyon Team

Striving to serve as He serves.
“You call me, ‘Rabbi’ and ‘Lord.’ You say so correctly, for so I am. ..I have given you an example, that you also should do as I have done to you.” Yochanan/John 13:13-15

Messiah – Leader of the Tsiyon Team

Serving to receive something in return is called business. Done honorably, there is nothing wrong with that.  Serving simply to meet the need of another person for no other reason than because they need it – that is ministry, as taught to us by our Master.

Frankly, we are amazed that the Messiah and rightful King of all Creation came and lived amongst us, not to be served, but to serve us. Our hearts are challenged by that humility and love of His to be more like Him, as we follow Him every day. We seek His help each day to rise to a higher level of service in our walk with Him and we are grateful for His love and patience in helping us become a little more like Him daily. This is the daily walk of His talmidim (disciples) in their relationship with their Messiah – to grow in His ways – to be more like Him every day as we follow Him in doing the Father’s will. This is the love of God lived out in real life by real people.

This is the quest of the Tsiyon Team – To help His talmidim grow and thrive in their daily walk with Him, as we all worship our Heavenly Father together. Realize that real ministry is a way of life and not so much a program or a title, so defies strict delineations. Yet, for practical purposes we must put categories and labels on both people and things to be able to think and act effectively.

Visiting Us:

Image of various Tsiyon events: (L-R) Volunteers preparing lunch, live stream, volunteers, Tsiyon Tabernacle, immersion event, Feast of Tabernacles, immersion event, tables prepared for Passover celebration and live-stream. Tap image to contact us about your visit.

Contact us to arrange your visit to Tsiyon Tabernacle.  Tsiyon Tabernacle members can view our new video introducing all of the great Tsiyon HQ volunteers, view the Tsiyon Heights dedication, and join your tribe or find out more about coming to visit and taking your seat at His beautiful table.  

Tsiyon Heights Dedication:

Tap image to view: The WAY Forward seminar, with important information for the Remnant Exodus, as well as the dedication of Tsiyon Heights, which records our set-apart shmita 2022 month 7 presentations.

Tsiyon Tabernacle Dedication:

In the spring of 2015 scattered Messianic believers were drawn together in Greater Austin Texas to attend the official Dedication of Tsiyon Tabernacle. Each of them uniquely, through faith, had helped to make that event a reality. Their moving stories were captured on video as part of the Dedication program, and were brought together in the Tsiyon Dedication 7 DVD set. To see what is included in the  Tsiyon Tabernacle Dedication DVD’s check out the image below.

Contact us.  To meet more Tsiyon Team Members contact us for a 7-set DVD set introducing 2015 team members and hearing their testimonies.  Write to us, Payable to "Tsiyon" at: Tsiyon, 9901 Brodie Lane, Suite 160 PMB1421, Austin TX 78748  to request your DVD set. Please make a donation to cover the cost of the DVD set and mailing it to you, as well as including your postal mailing address.