Captain America: Civil War

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Captain America: Civil War, in the first couple of months of it’s release, had already raked in 1.132 billion USD. If you haven’t seen this movie yet, you should because it isn’t just about Captain America and Iron Man – it’s about the decisions they make and their consequences, and how the world around them responds to their choices.

Here is a quote from Eliyahu in his newsletter about it.

In the movie, the Avengers, a team of super heroes, tend to tear things up around the world in the course of saving the world from alien invaders and other dastardly villains. Let’s face it, if you are a super hero you can’t fight super villains who are super-destructive without making a bit of a mess yourself. Hence, the Avengers, although the good guys, are involved in destroying stuff around the world.

The UN tells the Avengers they can’t keep avenging without UN supervision – even if they are the good guys. Amazingly, some of the Avengers sign up for this while others say “No Way!” Suddenly, because they don’t sign on with the UN, the later group are branded as outlaws by the world community!

So the conflict here is that Iron Man signed on with the UN while Captain America chose not to. Iron Man signed his rights over to the UN because he believes that it will bring peace. However, because he did this, they (the UN) get to decide whether they want him to save the world or not. He has to stay when they say ‘stay’ and go when they say ‘go’, like a puppet.

Captain America, on the other hand, does not trust the UN. He believes the Avengers should operate as a private organization, hang on to their freedom, and take responsibility for themselves.

You might think this makes a great movie plot, but this conflict is real in our world. Everyone in this world will have to make a very similar decision as Iron Man and Captain America did and it will tear people apart – as it tore the Avengers apart.

What is the UN doing in our real world then that will cause us to choose a side?

It is called Agenda 2030 and it is very real. Also called Global Goals of Sustainable Development, the UN wants to be able to control all of earth’s resources in 15 years. ‘Earth’s resources’ includes people by the way. Not so different from the movie is it?

The UN wants to obtain peace and end suffering for people all over the world, by controlling everyone and all our resources. Is it possible to obtain peace that way?

Some people think it is. A lot of people in fact have faith in the UN Goals of Sustainable Development, finding it to be a good idea to sign onto UN Agenda 2030. These people are like Iron Man in the movie.

But then there are those who believe in freedom and individual conscience, who do not believe that signing over control of their rights, their free will, is the answer to peace. These people would be Captain America in the movie.

Based off these issues of UN control, we at Tsiyon have produced a skit written by sister Kiki debating these ideas from both sides. The skit is titled “Team Captain America vs Team Iron Man”. Which will you choose? Watch it above and decide!

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