Is the world doomed by technology

Published May 21, 2020 by

Technocalypse – a global apocalypse caused by technology. It sounds like a movie but now it is getting serious consideration in real life. In fact, there are leading universities and scientific institutions with entire departments devoted to studying the possibilities of a technocalypse in our vulnerable world. Further, these efforts are funded and backed by billionaires who have had a lot to do with bringing us to this critical point, on the brink of technocalypse. There is a reason all of these elites have palatial bunkers built under all of their homes and buildings, and why they are pushing so hard to colonize the moon and even Mars – and why they fund colleges, universities, and think tanks with truck loads of money to study the problem. They are in a race against time, and they know it. They must have a solution, now. One of their leading thinkers in the vulnerable world arena has recently proposed a solution, a very radical solution. The elites love that solution and are already implementing it. Our recent “pandemic” global re-set is possibly a desperate attempt sponsored by the elite technocrats to fast-track the world toward their solution. What is their solution? It is something so repugnant I can’t tell you without giving you the whole story, so take the time to see this. The technocalypse is real. The proposed cure is even worse than the disease.

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