The WAY Forward

Published September 27, 2022 by

Have you noticed how much the world around us is changing? What’s the righteous response in finding the way forward? That’s the theme of our newest month-long live-stream video event. You’re invited! All of the video presentations are freely available here: When are these live streams?  Join us 8PM CST September 24th (Intro) and 27th (Yom Teruah), then October 4th, 6th (Atonement), 11th (Sukkot), 18th (Last Great Day of Sukkot), and 25th.

We also have special programming all month long on Tsiyon Road Radio. Here is the radio station schedule for this month. Joining us to listen to Tsiyon Road radio is easy! Simply search for it on your favorite internet radio apps, or visit our Tsiyon Road Radio website to listen directly from our player.

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